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The world is not black-and-white.

Jukka Ahtela - Co-operation know-how


Jukka Ahtela knows how economy, labour market and society function in Finland and in the European Union.

A vibrant market economy, prosperous companies, competent and motivated personnel as well as effective and encouraging public sector are the corner stones of economic growth and well-being. Trust, co-operation and ability to agile and at the same time long-span decision-making are Finnish strengths to be continuously cultivated.


Jukka Ahtela is the Chairman of the Board of Ahtela Consulting Oy. His long career at the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK and its predecessors in 1979-2013 serves a solid basis for a variety of competences.  Main fields of responsibility were labour market and social policies, education and training, corporate legal affairs, corporate security, trade policy and international affairs. In 1993-2005 he worked in the TT/PT Brussels Office, in 1997-2005 as the Head of the Office. Jukka Ahtela has been a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) 2015-2020.




Competences of Jukka Ahtela are based on an extensive and long experience in promoting interests of business in Finland and in the European Union, with support of a comprehensive network of contacts. Close and long-standing co-operation with companies, business federations, trade unions, ministries and other public institutions creates a solid basis for successful activities.


Main fields of competences are labour market policies and collective bargaining, problem solving, dispute settlement and conciliation, promoting better working-life, occupational health and safety, occupational pension and other social insurance issues, corporate legal affairs, European affairs, trade policy and international affairs.




  • Reports and studies, development projects, chairing of and participation in working-groups, coaching and training,

  • Negotiations, conciliation

  • Development of labour market relations and collective bargaining, support for negotiations, co-operation in change situations, dispute settlement and conciliation

  • Public affairs and policies at large

  • Promotion of interests and lobbying in Finland and in the European Union, sounding out operational environment, working for better regulation, networking and communication; shaping EU-strategies.


Working together with Heimdal European Affairs

Ahtela Consulting Oy is working together with Heimdal European Affairs, a Brussels-based European Affairs agency. Heimdal European Affairs is founded by Christian Ardhe and offers a wide range of EU-know-how:

We provide business intelligence, specific monitoring, policy analyses, set up meetings and organise contacts with policy makers. We conduct seminars and other events as well as EU training and lectures on European policy and lobbying.

With extensive experience of working with European policies and and broad networks in Brussels, we give our clients advice and services of the highest quality.

We offer:

  • Business intelligence and monitoring

  • Political analyses

  • Setting up meetings and contacts with policy makers

  • Program for study trips to Brussels

  • Seminars and conferences

  • EU training and lectures on lobbying and European policy

Christian Ardhe, the founder of Heimdal European Affairs is a lawyer by training and specialised in labour law. He has a long background from work working with advocacy and litigation within business organisations in Sweden and abroad.

Since 1998, he has worked in various positions in Brussels. Between 1998 and 2001 he worked for the European Commission. Between 2001 and 2010 he was deputy head of the Brussels Office of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Since 2010 he has worked as a consultant in EU affairs. He has been a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).




When in need of an experienced expert, please contact:

Jukka Ahtela

+358 40 5507978


Company ID: 2576407-4


- Support for negotiations
- Dispute settlement and conciliation
- Working-group activities
- Reports, studies
- Development projects
- Training
- Public affairs, lobbying
- Strategies
- European affairs



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